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Construction Consulting and Management
General Construction Contracting  Services
Real Estate Investment Consulting Services

As a construction manager, Kahn Construction Corp is prepared to provide service as either an owner's agent consultant, whereby the client holds all trade contracts, or on an "at-risk" basis, whereby we become responsible for guaranteeing performance.


Whichever is right for your project, we join your team through negotiated contract or the typical bid process and leverage our diverse experience to bring value to your project—achieving optimum cost, schedule, and most importantly, quality.


We function as a resourceful managing agent for total program or project management. We manage diverse internal workforces with the greatest of efficiency. Project and program management start with a clearly defined scope and expectations. Guided by a clear understanding of your objectives,


Kahn Construction manages all details of your project or program from scheduling to equipment and integration management. We’re the point person with a pulse on critical areas of benchmarks, budgets, relationship management and verification.   We manage every aspect of your program or project.


With Kahn Construction performing as your managing agent, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers have one point of contact in an often-complex facility system. We take the reins of an extensive, diverse team or program and guide it successfully toward meeting your objectives.  

The principals, partners, staff and associates of KCC strive for unsurpassed performance, quality, worksite safety, and 100% client satisfaction.  Our management team, suppliers and contractors are the finest that Florida and our nation has to offer - from professionalism, workmanship to quality materials and the reliability and care provided by our staff and associates. 


KCC consistently offers each client the most competitive material and labor costs possible from multiple sourcing and aggressive bidding.  KCC continues to satisfy every client with unparalleled quality, while meeting and exceeding project timelines and budgets.  In turn, our clientele rank us first in the field and continue to recommend our services without reservation.


As documented time and again, with over thirty-five (35) years experience in the practice of new construction, remodeling and construction management , ,with constructed and managed projects that have included the follow but not limited to such as  luxury high rises, hotels, office buildings, retail stores & strip malls,restaurants, mixed use projects, custom estate homes, production home communities, major renovations and remodels. 


Our family along with our expert staff and trusted associates deliver to every KCC client the professionalism, performance and the personal attention that is needed in order to bring in a successful project and have extremely pleased clients as we do for so many years..

One of the most integral parts of Kahn Construction, Corp. is the real estate investment advisory division which provides strategic real estate investment planning and the creation of real estate investment programs for individual and institutional investors. We possess and put to use diversified resources offering a broad range of comprehensive real estate services.


Kahn Construction seeks all types of commercial & residential income-producing real property throughout the State of Florida along with the entire United States for its investor co-partners and for its advisory and consulting clients. The company's primary focus is the acquisition of real estate assets that display significant value increase potential and attractive cash flow for investors and company-sponsored partnerships.


As real estate advisors, Kahn Construction, Corp. also advises both domestic and off-shore investors on their real estate acquisitions and portfolio management.


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Voted Best Construction Management & Consulting Company 2019 By Build Magazine

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