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Real-Estate Investors Assessment Guide of what Services Kahn Construction Corp. can provide. 


From Inspections to Re-Keys, Evictions, Turnovers, Board Ups, Trash Outs to total Restorations and Remodeling we do it all.    


KCC is your REIT/ REO one stop, full service turnkey provider for quality property preservation, repair , restoration, remodeling and maintenance services throughout the State of Florida. With a real focus on streamlining the process of property preservation, repair , restoration, remodeling and maintenance services, we make it easy an affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality, KCC can handle all of your needs. 


Working with our clients, we ensure the properties are preserved in compliance with the regulatory and code compliance guidelines for the area and also strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Remember that we share your common goal of getting a property into rentable condition as quickly as possible and having a happy tenant.


KCC starts out by offering a complete REIT / REO home inspection that can provide a clear picture of the current state of a property – both good and bad. Since many Asset Managers may never actually view an asset, KCC can serve as your “trained eyes and ears” – more so than a Broker who may not hold specialized certifications to assess a property.


Accurate information from experts in the field enables asset holders to make informed decisions on a property – and the next steps to take in maximizing the value of the asset.


 KCC can provide a number of home inspection services:

  • Property Condition Inspection

  • Occupancy Inspections – visual inspections to check occupancy

  • Contact Inspections to ascertain occupancy of the property

  • Specialty Inspections as requested

  • General Field Inspection to assess the physical condition of the property for security and any damages

  • Disaster and Damage Inspections are performed to assess and evaluate potential damages from natural disasters


KCC can perform Home Inspections on an immediate or an ongoing service depending on your needs. If you need an accurate picture of your asset, consider KCC for your Home Inspection needs.


Property Repairs & Restoration!

Unfortunately, many properties are in need of repair or a complete restoration. KCC can complete all aspects of rehabilitating a property to move-in condition with quality standards, tight timelines and controlled budgets. Ultimately, we want to deliver the property to you to maximize your asset value as quickly as possible.


KCC has over 35 years in the construction industry and we like to share our expertize & knowledge by working with our clients to complete the repairs quickly with quality results as well as provide recommendations for unseen or hidden repairs that are necessary to bring the property to passing certain inspections. Our team provides before and after pictures for your inspection, so you can rest assured that the work is completed to your total satisfaction.

On each property, you can expect complete bids with detailed qualifiers, so there are no surprises.


Our licensed and insured work includes: 


  • Appliances

    • Replacement, Repair, Installation

  • Carpentry

    • Cabinets and Hardware

    • Counter tops

    • Installation of interior and exterior doors & trim moldings

    • Install and repair windows and screens

    • Install, repair and replace exterior trim and siding

    • Repair and replace fencing

    • Garage Doors

  • Flooring

    • Carpet replacement and removal

    • Vinyl Replacement

    • Subfloor

    • Tile repair and replacement

    • Wood Laminate

  • Painting

    • 2 and 3 color interior painting

    • Interior Cabinets

    • Exterior trim, power washing and paint

    • Remove wallpaper

    • Caulking & Waterproofing

    • Repair sheet rock damage

  • Electrical

    • Complete rewiring including breakers

    • Light fixture replacements

    • Install light switches, outlets and cover plates

  • Heat and Air

    • Complete Inspection, cleaning and recharging of HVAC

    • Furnace repair and installation

    • Installation of standard and digital thermostats

  • Plumbing

    • Inspect, Install or replace water heater

    • Interior and exterior plumbing

    • Install faucets, sinks and toilets

    • Clean and Refurbish showers and tubs

    • Complete tile work

  • Roofs

    • Repair roof leaks

    • Complete roof tear offs and replacements

    • Install roof decking from water damage


KCC is ready to handle your complete Construction Service needs.


KCC maintains properties in rentable condition throughout the change in seasons for Banks, Brokers and Asset Managers throughout Florida. These services are in addition to the initial preservation work we can perform to secure the property. Have peace of mind that these recurring services will keep your property in tip-top shape ready to lure in the perfect Renter or buyer! All services include before and after documentation.


The KCC maintenance services are normally on a recurring basis until the property is rented and include:

  • Lawn and Yard

    • Mow, trim, and edge on recurring schedule

    • Remove clippings and broom sweep as needed

    • Trim hedges and remove debris

    • Special requests available


  • Rent Clean

    • Vacuum, sweep or mop all floors as applicable

    • Wipe down counter tops, walls, windows including sills and appliances

    • Dust ceiling fans and mini-blinds

    • Deep clean appliances inside and out

    • Maintain cleanliness of bathrooms including mop, scrub bowls and basins, and wipe down all surfaces

    • Special requests available


  • Pool Maintenance

    • Pool start-up to ensure proper operation of all systems

    • Drain and fill if necessary

    • Ensure proper pH by testing and adding chemicals as necessary

    • Inspect pool and provide recommendations to ensure proper operation of pumps, filters and motors

  • Landscape Beautification – Enhance “Curb Appeal”

    • Complete landscape packages are available for “Upscale” assets to enhance property values


As documented time and again, with over thirty-five (35) years’ experience in the practice of new construction, remodeling and construction management, we are a company that has extensive experience and knowledge on projects that have included the follow but not limited to luxury high rises, hotels, Apartment Complexes, office buildings, retail stores, strip malls, restaurants, mixed use projects, custom estate homes, production home communities, major renovations and remodels. Our family along with our expert staff and trusted associates deliver to every KCC client the professionalism, performance and the personal attention that is needed in order to bring in a successful quality project and have extremely pleased clients as we do for so many years.


When it comes to taking care of business you can always count on KCC being there for you.


We have been leading the field the last few years with our specialized REIT and REO construction services and have been writing the rules in this new business model with procedures and policies that provide you with Proficiency and Expediency, all with reasonable rates, that results in Quality work and many satisfied clients. We have established excellent client relationships with many leading investment companies that have ventured in to this new business of single family dwellings for rent such as American homes 4 Rent, American Residential Properties, Main Street Renewal, and Waypoint Homes and also preservation companies such as Safeguard and NFFS just to mention a few.


So if you are just starting out or a seasoned professional operation we can steer you in the right direction so as to allow you to make money and receive a quality product on time, and on budget with our services.



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