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Mission Statement


Our mission is to service the distinct needs of our clients by continuing to achieve optimum performance and quality that exceeds the expectations we have repeatedly established with our clients.  

Welcome to Kahn Construction, Corp (KCC).  KCC was strategically created and structured to meet the trying demands of our clients in the economic times in which we are currently working.  


We are a hands on  family  run business that has staffed our company with hand-picked professionals from fortune 500 companies and top companies across our nation, whom are leaders in today’s industry and whom are extremely talented, knowledgeable and experienced leaders with over thirty-five (35) years plus of building and construction prowess in Florida and throughout our nation. 


Our structured programs give you, our newest client, specifically what you want and need when hiring a construction firm to manage and build your projects.  With our extensive range of experience we can provide you with the highest levels of expertise, and an inventory of superior contractors, Architects and other professional associates of KCC.


With all of these professionals under one roof we are uniquely qualified to accomplish a wide variety of large- and small-scale quality projects for you on time and within budget as we have done for so many satisfied clients in the past and present.

Voted Best Construction Management & Consulting Company 2019 By Build Magazine

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